Happy Self-Love Day

I’m not sure there’s a “holiday” more disputed and glorified than Valentine’s Day.


If you’re not in the mood to celebrate a day devoted to sensationalized, romantic love then adopt a “Self-Love Day.”

You deserve it.

Here’s a few (#free) ideas to get you in the mood to celebrate loving yourself:

  • Write a love letter to yourself: You’re awesome, we both know it. Make a list of all the things you feel are working in your life. Focus on all the amazing things you do every single day of your life. Perhaps you feel those things often go unnoticed by others, so try to validate yourself by recognizing your successes.
  • Treat yourself to 15-minutes of eye closing: No phone, no conversations, no technology. Turn down the chaos by turning up your other senses.
  • Self-care the sh*t out of your day: I know, self-care is a luxury at times. I hope you can find even just a few minutes to do something just for you. Maybe this means doing your hair, or not doing your hair. It could mean going for a walk by yourself, or calling on a friend to join you. You do you, boo.
  • Be present: For today, try to focus on today. Give yourself a break from the worry, the anxiety, the tension. Look around at what’s good. Gratitude is a wonderful habit to form, if you’re able.
  • Set a new goal: Goals are free. Setting goals is positive thinking and you deserve to feel a sense of hope. The ultimate gift of self-love is dreaming. Recognize the good in yourself.
  • You’ve got to eat: Eat something you love to eat. Enjoy it- whatever it is, whether sweet or savory and do not feel guilty.
  • Say I love you: It feels good to express love. Say it to your friends, to your family, to your children, to your pets and to yourself. Your serotonin level will thank you.

Love is in the air!


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